Hialeah City FC a.k.a. “BLUE FURY” is the team of the community. 

With the spirit of the game in mind and a dedicated mindset, Mr. Osmani Pelaez brought the club to life in 2017. Hialeah City FC began with a group of young and talented athletes from the city who were playing in local parks and on city streets. Mr. Pelaez immediately recognized the talent these players possessed and became dedicated to providing them the training and guidance needed for their opportunity to become professional athletes.


The club has grown tremendously over the years and is now participating in the United Premier Soccer League 3rd Division USA (Semi-Pro).

The club is also operating internationally, with the inauguration of a professional U-17 in Barranquilla, Colombia, and is positioned to compete at the United Soccer League Level 2. By instilling passion and dedication back in the game, Hialeah City FC will make our city proud and position young, talented, athletes on a path to a professional playing career.

This club was created to make history in United States. Originating in the city of progress, by providing young athletes with high-level of focused training, we are the club that will revolutionize soccer in our city.